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Apartment 2 bedrooms Luxury near the center Príncipe Real Mercês Lisboa for rent - furnished, balcony, garden, equipped, central heating, kitchen, garage

Phone 212 454 059   Fax 212 454 059
  • REFQP-APT18944
  • LocationPríncipe Real
  • Area120 m² | 120 m²
  • StatusUsed
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
(3.900) EUR 3.450
± USD 4.100   GBP 3.100
  • County: Lisboa
  • Town: Lisboa
  • Parish: Mercês
  • Location: Príncipe Real
  • Typology: T2

2 bedroom apartment fully renovated, equipped and furnished apartment for rent in Principe Real, Lisbon, portugal
in the Garden of the Prince Royal, with a vast network of transportation available to you.
Close to all the restaurants, cafes, covered, in museums such as the National Museum of Natural History and Science and the Embassy of the United States of america.
Consisting of:
in the living Room with a balcony
fully Equipped Kitchen
Suite with walk-in closet
Central Heating
Pre-installation for A/c
Garage parking for 1 car.
Saint Anthony hotel enjoys a privileged location in which it is inserted, the Avenida da Liberdade, Principe Real, the Mouse and the Marquês de Pombal square.
the Location of the value that reflects the value of living in the heart of the city and enjoy the city life in close proximity to all of the requirements that are necessary for everyday comfort, they are colmatados.
it is Located in Principe Real, this property enjoys a privileged location in the district of Lisbon and is well known for its mansions, bars and trendy restaurants, traditional shops, antique shops and small art galleries.
In the vicinity you can find multiple transportation options, grocery stores, and recreation areas and culture and, in particular, to the National Museum of Natural History and Science, the Botanic Garden, and the Garden of Principe Real.
close to the historical centre of the city, with easy access to the International Airport, " The Slender, and about 25 minutes from Cascais.
Quintela e Penalva do castelo Real Estate agents.
as Defined in the TRUST towards the EXCELLENCE and adding value to them through the MERIT of this is at Quintela e Penalva do castelo Real Estate agents. Founded in 2004, specializing in residential and luxury at Quintela e Penalva do castelo Real Estate, offers the service of consulting services, with a view of the clear international dimension. Hence, we are now an undisputed reference for those who invest in the real estate market in the Uk.
Quintela e Penalva do castelo Real Estate, it is the consultant's preferred, of Knight Frank, in Lisbon, and it brings with it.
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Quintela e PenalvaRua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 178 A
1070-243 Lisboa
  • Telephone:
    212 454 059
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  • AMI
Estoril Office:
Avenida Sabóia, nº 514
2765-277 Monte Estoril
Tel: 211 972 056

Oporto Office:
Avenida da Boavista, 3769 Lj-01
4100-139 Porto
Tel: 220 999 220

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